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Thanks Jim, that's very helpful info. I do have one in a .243 that I'm thinking about selling. I just don't use it, thought it can finance something that I will shoot. I'd estimate the condition to be 80%-85%, manufactured in 1957.

It has an older(approx. 30 year old) B&L 2.5x8 scope on it, I've never seen another like it. Maybe you can help me with it also. It has no internal elevation and windage adjustments. The adjustment screws are on the mount. Actually it's kinda cool looking. I would think that a scope with fewer moving parts would be more sturdy. Do you know anything of this scope? Good, bad, ugly?

I was hoping to get about $550 for this rifle and scope. Is this a reasonable expectation? Thanks again....

Oh yeah, if it were a Wincherster would that increase the value?

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