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Originally Posted by paull
...If I put an add in the local paper, or website...
What would that have to do with anything? I've no doubt that stolen or counterfeit (in the case of, for example, an expensive watch or painting) have been sold through newspaper or Internet advertisements.

Originally Posted by leadcounsel
...I don't think we should fall prey to treating guns with some mystical properties like we have been brainwashed to do. Guns are purely objects...
But when buying from an individual, a stranger, different types of objects may well warrant different types of due diligence. Guns, for example, are popular targets for thieves, are sometimes used in crimes and, after being used for criminal purposes, are sometimes sold as a means of disposing of them. Jewelry may be phony, and collectibles (including collectible guns) are sometimes faked. Expensive watches may be counterfeit or stolen. These are all simply objects, but the uncertainties are different.
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