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A first big step is you survived! You can now build on your experience and hopefully will never have to put it use again. I have found at least for me, in the heat of battle I feel tense ( likely adrenaline ), focused and not shaky. Now, when its all over, that's when the enormity of it all sinks in and I can't even write or talk straight for the next 10-20 minutes minimal.

I have been in a few situations and none are the same, one has to try to learn to compensate for events as they unfold. This is not to say not to have a well designed game plan, for a home setting it may be good to have a backup plan for different scenarios. Once again, I am a firm believer in a large dog to either alert and buy time, or outright deter an intruder, granted not everyone can have a dog for various reasons.

Glad you all made it through OK and don't worry about the nerves, we are all human and we all have them. Obviously your nerves held out, as you did the right thing and that's whats important.
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