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Originally Posted by Paull
Not sure how you rectify these two statements, PK...

It is very apparent that we will not conduct any FTF firearm transactions between ourselves.

I've never bought a gun at a garage sale, that how.

Actually, I've never bought a gun from anyone except a dealer. If I did, it would include ID and a receipt.

I will confess that, under the right circumstances, I might buy a gun at a garage sale and not insist on a receipt or ID. You have to realize where I live though. This is "the boonies". Any garage sale is likely to be a little old couple who have lived in that house for 50 years and spend their summers sitting in the front yard doing a nearly endless sale day after day after day... they're not hard to find if you ever need them again.
In that case, maybe I might buy a shotgun or an old rifle from the old guy. He's not likely to be the one offering the smoking deal on a brand new hand gun that he's just GOT to get rid of to pay bills.

However, the MUCH more typical scenario just happened to me this last summer..... a rather beat up minivan with no exhaust comes into my parking lot. A rather beat up old lady, probably with too much exhaust, wants to sell me a gun because "we really need the money". She pulls out this $175 "Wal*Mart Special" pump 12ga in a $19.95 plastic case and tells me that it's a $500 gun and a $150 case and it's only been shot once.... and she really doesn't want to but she'll let it go for $300 because they need to pay the car insurance. Riiiiiiight. I say "No thanks.", suddenly, it's only $250, then $200, still I say no. $175? No.

If that was a $4000 O/U shotgun and she wanted $200 for it I wouldn't have touched it without ID and a receipt, not to mention a check on the serial from my sheriff's deputy buddy. No way, no how.
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