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Originally Posted by leadcounsel
However, when I go to a yard sale and see a valuable X item marked really low, I don't question it's origination. If I want it I buy it. Some of these items could theoretically have been stolen, or heck even sold by a family member that isn't the true owner.
I'm not sure why the whole yard/garage sale thing keeps popping up. The fact that an item is at a very public and at least mildly advertised event, not to mention at a persons house, pretty much takes care of an awful lot of questions in my mind. It really has no relevance to the OP, at least for me.

Originally Posted by leadcounsel
What if the same seller was selling the same item at a price more in line with the actual value. Would the buyer, without the benefit of the warning of a low asking price, buy the same item without worry? Stated differently, is the selling price that big of a deal?
For me, it has no bearing on price, except that I'm willing to take the chance on small ticket items.

If I'm buying a gun then I'm getting ID and a receipt. Period, end of story. If you refuse or seem suspect in any way, I'm gone. Price has no bearing in a firearms purchase, high or low dollar.
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