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Originally Posted by peetzakilla
Originally Posted by Paull
If I put an add in the local paper, or website, for....
I would require ID and a receipt, yes. If I'm spending more than $50, maybe $75, then yes, I want some assurances.

And without a receipt, if the jewelry, art, TV, etc., were to be stolen from you, you'd have a hard time collecting from your insurance company...

Originally Posted by Paull
I'd like to see it become common (again) for people to trade their wares without excessive restrictions.
It's a nice, romantic idea to "return" to some mythical Good Old Days in which we all trusted each other implicitly, our word was our bond, and so forth -- but ya know what? Ever since writing was first invented, and involved a stylus and a clay tablet, sensible people have asked for receipts. Just ask any archaeologist...
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