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Dr Fackler's comments are always enlightening ! There is however a shot on game that has long been known to be effective .Hitting the base of the spine paralyses the entire back end of the animal. I watched a video recently of such a hit on a cape buffalo.The entire back end dropped instantly .
Like so many hits it depends on exactly where the bullet hits.
Many don't understand the anatomy of a person and don't want to kill the criminal so they want to 'shoot him in the leg'' .To those I always ask "what happens when you hit him in the femoral artery ? " They respond 'what's a femoral artery ?'
Upper chest hits have been shown to be more effective than the C of M hits. Shhot and continue to shoot until the perp is no longer a threat !!
BTW good socialist countries like Denmark often have some peculiar ideas about shooting perps and they are not based on reality !
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