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Reading the posts has jogged my memory. While hunting in the Monadnock region of N.H. miles from any house I saw a large dog run across a logging road and stop. A couple minutes later I heard puppies whimpering and catch up to the mother. I continued my hunt and a couple hours later heard the whimpering again non-stop. I decided to investigate and found one of the puppies stuck at a high stone wall. I could barely hear the mother barking what had to be 1/2 mile or more away and fading. I scoffed up the pup and carried it quite a way back to my ATV.

The same day my buddy was getting his ham and cheese sandwich ready to eat when a deer came running by, he jumped up, shot at the deer and pursued looking for blood. He found no blood after a 150 yard search with light snow on the ground. As he went back to where he had been sitting he saw a dog grab his sandwich and take off with it. I think it was the same mother dog from the description.

I jumped on my ATV with pup in my arms and headed in the direction I heard mother barking from last. I never found mother that day or the next, I brought the dog home and contacted the PD of the town I had been in. I ended up finding a good home for the pup as I already had 2 dogs.

I am retired from the Air Force, a base I was on had a remote area that allowed hunting. The base had been a WWII bombing range, and the craters were numerous. One day while hunting I came across a 500lb bomb, I contacted CSC ( security ) and they called in DOD bomb disposal. The next day I was in my office when I heard a tremendous explosion. The blast was so loud I instinctively hit the floor as I felt the shock wave that followed could have broken windows. I called security and it was the bomb I had found the day before and the DOD guys found it was live and they blew it in place.

As a footnote, one day when I was cruising the rear area I actually saw a roads and grounds civilian pushing a 100lb bomb to the side of a dirt road with a grader. He had been grading the road when the bomb surfaced, I stopped him ASAP and immediately got security out there. Mr Einstein grader operator felt I was over re-acting, DUH!!!
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