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Not so good, but anyway...

Was out for a deer hunt this fall, and the darn squirrels were so thick and noisy, scrabbling around in the leaves, they really startd to tick me off (you know, you think its a buck but its only a darned squirrel). So i sight in on one, a big old grey. Like he knew i had him in the crosshairs, he took off up a huge old hickory tree. i lowered the gun, and just sent him some mind bullets. So he climbs way up, tries to jump to a neighboring tree (probably done it 100 times before) but he missed - and fell about 100 feet to the ground. Shot him with mind bullets - not bad, but apparently not fatal either. He got up, cussing like mad, and disappeared up the other tree.

Another time i was hunting with a buddy, posted about 100 yards from me. Out strolls a little button buck, down the path, then he turns toward me. I had the wind, and was behind the scope to HIDE from him. Didn't want to shoot him, kind of small. So he kept walking closer until finally i decided, i'd better shoot him or soon i'd have to wrestle him to the ground. So i shoot - and blow a sapling into pieces, a sapling i never even saw in the scope.

So he runs away, then turns straight at my buddy. I hear, real quick, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Then Tony yells my name. The little buck ran straight at him, fast. He thought he was going to get run over, so he shoots and pumps, shoots and pumps, so fast I thought he had his shotgun on automatic.

Talk about a lucky deer. From a distance of less than 20', i completely missed this deer and killed a tree. From a distance of 25' and closer, Tony missed 3 straight shots. He said, "I would have done better if i'd just swung it like a club". Me too.
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