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I still keep it condition 3 in the home for one reason and haven't changed my mind yet:

It gives a second level of protection for the 2 year old in the house. I keep the gun on my person or locked in the safe. If I were to pass out and/or the safe broke, she wouldn't be able to use it and if she put it in the oven it wouldn't discharge. If that seems silly and unlikely, well I'd have to say sudden home invasions that require instantly deploying a bullet have been rare around here also. I'm taking that chance for now. It's my business, whether you agree with it or not, and I'm not trying to tell anyone it to do it that way.

Carrying in public is a different situation to me. I chamber a round if I'm going out with it. But I don't always carry everywhere either.

If you want to give me good natured alterntive suggestions that's fine, but I will patently ignore the "you shouldn't have a gun if you don't always carry it everywhere chambered" attitude.
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