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Rafi, you are 100% right

Hi, I am also Israeli. the whole issue with the army training to carry handguns with an empty chamber derives from two factors:
1. in the IDF, unless you are on active duty and it requires it, you are expected to carry your firearm without a magazine, never mind one up. guns are loaded before going into hostile areas or before commencing a live-fire exercise.
2. the reality regarding handguns is that only very few units are issued with them, and then they are (for most) only a secondary weapon. going back to the first pistol adopted by the IDF (Browning Hi Power, with the little and cumbersome safety lever) it was established that it would be quicker to chamber a round (if and when it is needed) than to have to fumble with that particular safety.

This is how it came about that the method tought is with an empty chamber and the two handed drill is practiced. the disadvatages that this presents to a civilian facing a sudden threat on his own are not applicable since a soldier always operates in a group and the chances that he will have to chamber a round while fighting an oponent all by himself are rather slim.

For civilians, I certainly advocate to carry a round in the chamber (as a matter of fact the only gun I own in Israel is a Browning, and after replacing the safety lever with an ambidextrous one I do carry it in condition 1).

IMO any firearm that is made by a reputable manufacturer and is in good condition is OK to be carried in condition 1. a bonus is if it has a firing pin safety that prevents the firing pin from striking a primer if the trigger is not pulled (safer in the event that the firearm is dropped).

For EDC, my S&W 4006 is always chambered, safety off (hammer down, the first rounds is DA).It stays in that condition whether I am at home or away.

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