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In six pages of responses, there's hardly anything that wasn't mentioned in the first four posts. Even cocked and locked takes practice, you know. But my thoughts on that have been mentioned elsewhere. But see also the threads about reminder about gun safety in the home and the one about accidental discharges. No one asked but my preference is for certain double action automatics and that's what I have and probably that's what the next one will be, too (I'm currently getting the itch again and for a .45 this time around).

So, off my own property, why don't I carry? In my sixty some years I've never had an experience that convinced me of the value. Supposedly it has become easier around here where I live to get a permit, if you want to take the time and effort and spend the money. There's also the no weapon workplace rule here, too, and I don't go anywhere else. But in 40 years of practice and shooting, I've worked out my own solutions pretty much as best as I can, in so far as I can see what the problem is. Is this a case of a solution to a non-existent problem? Am I spending too much time on this forum?

And another thing. Calling someone an idiot is no way to get them to change their mind. And don't make bets that something can't be done.
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