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I had met "a girl", that lived in Los Angeles, Me I was a cowboy and had a ranch 800 miles away..I flew my plane down to have a 1st date with her. Pulled up in front and she came out to the curb to meet me, saying "I really cannot go out with you"..I asked if it was because of her X....she just looked down..about this time some guy peeks around the corner of her building. I decided to go invite him to leave and start walking right at him...BANG a shot sails by response (pretty stupid, but adrenalin kicks in), You SOB and I run right at him, the takes off down the back alley..about 20 strides down the back alley and the brain re-engages...and reminds me how stupid is to chase a guy down holding a pistol.

I went jumped back in the car, drove 45 minutes to my friends house at the beach where i was staying, grabbed my 45 and started out...bunch of people in the living room wanted to know what was wrong...when I told them,,,they started laughing at me...saying "Do you really think he will wait around and hour and a half for you to come back and fight him fair...??????????

Never did see that girl again.
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