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While not strange, more unusual, but one day I was driving through the woods along a little used dirt road on the way to the land I hunted on. There was a part of the road that was little more than a trail and I had slowed down my car to almost a crawl and I was just a couple of feet from a barbed wire fence on the driver's side of the car when I looked out my side window to see a sight that few people have probably ever seen. Just a few feet on the other side of the fence was a doe that had just given birth to a fawn. I stopped my car to watch the doe jump up and run a short distance away leaving the fawn on the ground. I spent several minutes watching the fawn struggle to stand up for the first time on it wobblely legs. What a beautiful sight as it finally stood and took its first steps on its way to the side of its mother.

Another story is on the strange side. Back about 1966, I'm attending SFA University in Nacogdoches, Tx. I had ridden home with a friend for the weekend and we were returning to Nacogdoches late at night. Back then most of Hwy 59 was a two lane asphalt road and we were between Lufkin and Nacogdoches, along a stretch of the road where few people lived. I was half asleep in the front seat. when my friend began yelling at me to wake up and look in front of us. Well, I awoke with a start and looked. My friend had hit his high beams and I was able to see what he was yelling about just as it was leaving the headlights. Before I could say anything about what we had seen, my friend asked me what I thought it was. Now to be quite honest, I had not seen all of the critter, just from the front shoulder to its tail. Just as my eyes had focused on the critter, it had turned slightly so I could not see its head. Anyway, I replied to my friend that at first I thought it was just a big black dog with short fur, but no way it was a dog with the way it held its tail and how it ran, that I had seen some kind of very large BLACK cat, that appeared to be larger than a cougar. My friend, who had seen it the whole time it had crossed the highway in front of us then told me that I was right, it was a big black cat. I do not like to use the term black panther to describe the cat. About 6 years later, while attending a sporting show at the Astrodome complex, the Texas Parks & wildlife people had an exhibit and I chatted with a game warden from that part of Texas, telling him my story about the cat. Well, lets just say he did not believe my story, but he did say there had been stories about black cats in East Texas, but none had ever been documented......and etc. LOL, several years ago I read an article in the Houston newspaper that pretty up confirmed their existence in East Texas and western Louisiana.
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