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1. Aunt and Uncle out night clubbing and on the way home in the fog hit a deer broadside with their Cadillac. No damage whatsoever to the car, deer not so lucky, he rolled over the hood and kept on rolling uo over the windshield till it was atop the car and came to a stop with the rear feet over the passenger door and the head and feet over the driver side door. They drove home and at dark thirty in the morning sat in the driveway honking their horn. Next door neighbor was a game warden and they need him to get the deer off the car so they could get out and so he could tag it as road k9ll so they could keep the deer.
Wow, you might be a redneck...

I ain't got nuttin on most of these stories, but I'll share.

We had a full house on the opening weekend of whitetail season several years ago. I was in the bunkhouse with several other younger lease members and guests. One young hunter awoke in the middle of the night screaming. Apparently he had a rat crawl into his sleeping bag and nestled against his chest. He had just gotten a new puppy; who slept in his bed at home, and in his sleep he confused the rat for his new puppy. After he pets the varmint for a few minutes he realizes he's not at home and his puppy is. It didn't take long for him to realize he was petting a rat. When he screamed, he jumped, flinging the rat into the middle of the room and hitting his own head on the top bunk, putting a pretty nasty egg in the center of his forehead. We all brought rubber rats to camp for the next several years, tucking them into his sleeping bag when he wasn't looking. That's not the only rats story of that weekend, but that's the one I remember the most vividly.
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