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I was driving along I-10 in Florida. Skip details, make long story short.

My windshield was shot at by freeway shooter, two cars running together, young men. I got tag numbers.

Police cannot follow every car to see who’s shooting. No way can they do much about random shootings like this.

However, once started the perps usually think it’s fun and will continue for a while. So—I have tag numbers. Only two cars to watch for.

Called the highway patrol. They didn’t want to hear me. I finally just hung up.

A couple of weeks later I was relating this to two guys at work. One from Missouri, the other from Illinois. As soon as I said I called the police they interrupted with, both at once, “And they didn’t want to hear you!”

Turns out they both had the same experience with police about serious crimes.

And the police wonder why most civilians have an “Us and Them” attitude about police. “We want citizen input.” Yeah, right. BS
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