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We'll eat your harse

It is well established that an Apache of the 19th Century can outlast a horse. While the horse will have a quicker start and run faster, given a longer period, the slower, jogging Apache will past up the exhausted horse. Well, here's something that Maj. Andrew Burt recalled:

It is an established fact that once settled down to marching the infantryman can outlast the horse. Some cavalrymen will take issue with the assertion. As an instance. In Cook's campaign in 1876, against Sitting Bull, I recall a spirited dialogue between two soldiers. We of the Infantry, Chamber's command, were plodding along, literally puddling in the mud, for our trail lay over an alkalai country which means no vegetation whatever and a light soil, and the going was awful. Every step a man would pick up several pounds of mud. The infantry were in the lead, with a small cavalry detail in advance. It was well into the day when the main body of cavalry caught up with us and there was the usual good-natured exchange of chaff between the soldiers. One of the cavalrymen swung around in his saddle and addressed one of my men:

'Casey, old man, how are your corns? It is a fine walking? Don't you want to ride a horse?'

Casey, in the richest brogue you ever heard, replied: 'To hell wid your harse. Gwan now, we'll walk your harse off his legs and thin we'll eat him.'

This was a veritable phophecy...."
Taken from page 244.
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