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Jim March
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I'm one of the few weirdos who does carry an SA as daily CCW.

It's a Ruger New Vaquero in 357, meaning it's similar in size/heft to a Colt SAA but with a transfer-bar safety, OK for six-up carry. I think this is a good idea for a "street SA" - not only do you get another shot, but if you drop it after cocking it or after the first shot it won't go boom.

I live in Tucson AZ these days. I don't go deep into harm's way. I like the ergonomics of this thing, I like the relatively fast first shot speed, and I've tweaked on this gun to a near-infamous point where the sights are just how I like 'em. I've had it new since mid-'05's been shot some.

And yes, I think there's an element of "psychological warfare" going on which I've done my best to maximize.

I have a second "near clone of the Colt SAA" in 22LR - a cheapo Cimarron Plinkerton that's actually been a decent practice-grade gun. Not anything I'd bet my life on, but as a way to practice for cheap, works great. And yes, the sights are modified the same way...brass tube instead of chrome steel as I don't need it's sight to be as durable.

Custom sights meant custom holster...just finished this rig. I wanted something that looked decent enough for open carry if I want to (not very often) and said "I'm not a stereotypical right-winger"...

So far summers (in Arizona!) have involved a fanny pack, I'm now thinking about re-creating a "Safepacker" type belt setup for summer CCW.

Might as well post pics...

Jim March
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