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As a bear gun, the action type difference between DA and SA revolvers isnt as much of an issue. With the upper power levels used as bear guns, the DA isnt really any faster than an SA for someone experienced in their use. The SA is also more comfortable for many of us to shoot heavy loads in than a DA revolver.

As a protection gun in the two legged predator type, I feel OK with an SA, tho I don't live anywhere that large gangs tend to hang out. In any event, if you dont miss much, it shouldnt be too much of a problem. I seem to shoot an SA revolver better than a 1911, and about as good as a Smith DA. So long as real fast reloads isnt an issue, it doesnt worry me too much. 45 Colt 250 gr Keith loads @ 1000 fps or so gives one some confidence after shooting some game with them, especially after shooting game with some ball 45 auto loads. HP loads in the auto improve it, but the 45 Colt loads work real well on critters (so long as you forget the RN loads). About the same results with 44 mag loads in the same weight and velocity. I like DA's and SA's. Whatever I happen to have on that day, I feel ok about, but I live in what most would consider a remote, sparsely populated place. Problems with critters are more likley than people.
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