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no one keeps coming with a shattered pelvis

What SD handgun has sufficient power to reliably shatter a pelvis?

And as previously noted, there are even more blood vessels in the chest, and they are even larger than any in the pelvis.

Arteries get smaller as you move away from the heart, and veins get larger as you move towards the heart.

To speak nothing of actually striking the heart that makes the whole thing work.

I tend to agree. The thing about a pelvis shot is that only certain areas will stop mobility every time. That area is the hip joint. I'm not sure about the pistols ability to completely disable a hip. but I am sure of the rifles ability. Blow out that hip joint, and he's going nowhere. Small target though.

Heart is a damn small target too no? Center mass is a great big area with very little of it that will result in a instant stopping shot. You have to hit the heart, spine (and sever it) and that is about it. Figure that to sever the spine you need to hit it pretty much center so that is a one inch wide target maybe 15 inches long (less then 4 square inches). The heart maybe another 4 square inches. So you are shooting at a center mass of 15 square inches not particularly aiming specifically at the two small 4 inch targets so you are even less likely to hit one? Not saying statistically is is a better bet then the head or waist but geeze those are sad odds.
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