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If I see a threat to myself, another officer or a member of the public it's Tac-Tac center mass every time, all the time. If your actions fall within the manner you are trained you should not have a problem. Call in the person who trained you, as him/her exactly how you are trained. Tac-Tac CoM is the answer, 'nuff said. It doesn't matter if they haul in 50 buddies who say you can hit a fly in mid air, you act within your training.

That being said, I have never fired qualification with a perfect score, I always miss with one round. I ain't perfect is the reason, and I want it on record that I'm not perfect.

I remain unconvinced that deliberately targeting the pelvis with the expectation of incapacitation is sound doctrine.
I was trained in incapacitation shots, But only with the tacticle rifle.
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