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center mass every time, well in a perfect world, realisticly, we would probably shoot at the weapon as that would be the main focus of our attention and reaction, but when I was working security as well as working with a couple security mission units in the Marine Corps I was always told that anything other then a leathal shot (ie shooting a person in the leg) would not be the most expedieant method to end the threat, and in law encorement and or security circles could be the basis for an exsessive force complaint. I don't remember ever hearing about one of those being filed but in this sociaty, anything is possible. Our police department settled a wrongfull death suit filed by a family after a suspect threatend officers with a BBQ fork repeatedly refused to drop the fork and made aggresive movements towards them. He did die of course so maybe not relevent, but to highlight our law suit freindly sociaty again, they filed the suit and the PD settled rather then go to tril with it. I noticed a mention about a groin shot earlier, before anyone gives this guy to much trouble, lets think about a groin for a second, the pelvis is there, and is one of the main support structures of the body, break that, the aggresor is grounded, the spine is in the center of the groin (albeit at the end of the spine) snap or break that with a bullet and again, not alot of fight left in a man who cant stand, the femoral arteries run through the groin, damage them and you have an enourmas amount of blood loss in amazingly short span of time, again, incapacitated. The groin is a larger, easier target to hit then the head. Perhaps we should think about trying to learn to make groin shots a second step in a failure to stop drill and the very difficult under fire head shot a third and last resort, just a though, have a nice night fellas

as to the big toes getting shot off, a buddy of dads shot his off at contact distance, with a .30-06 when he was trying to reload a rifle, drive a truck through a cow pasture and figure out where a deer he had shot was headed. He said, as we took him to the hospital, he closed the boalt, the rifle fired, he got out and tried to figure out why his truck died. He said he walked around a minute, then climbed underneath to see what the bullet had hit, it was when he got out from under the truck maybe 2 - 3 minutes after shooting his toe nail centermass more or less that he noticed the blood and squishy feeling in his boot. Thank fully we were all hunting in our trucks that morning from pasture hill tops, so he called dad on a CB (does anyone still have one of those besides truckers? lol) and we went to get him. So, apperently a big toe shot is not really a guarenteed fight stopper, lol. For further proof, rent Harlem Nights with Eddie Murphy, he shoots a ladies toe off, and she was ****** off about it. The deal with dads hunting buddy really did happen though, now its funny, at the time not so much.

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