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Ok, I listened to Mr. Banes podcast.

I don't see that he and I are at 'odds' (pardon the pun).

I'm not 'operator grade' as he refers to. You see me out, and you wouldn't even think I had a gun, which is as it should be. No 511 gear, BDU's or "photo vests". Believe it or not, I usually DON'T have a rifle or shotgun in my vehicle.

I don't play the odds. I like to stack the deck in my favor. That's why I carry a G19 or 26 instead of a 5-shot snubbie. That's why I pay upwards of $1000 a to attend professional training once or twice a year. One instructor is fond of saying "Luck favors the prepared".

Mr. Bane is correct: the world is a dangerous place. I live in a small town, pop less than 5000. A good friend of mine didn't expect to shoot every round out of his LCP one night last year when he went to visit his girlfriend, but it happened. And it served him, but just barely.

Now he's looking for a bigger gun with more capacity and seeking better training.

I think I'm through with this one.

EDITED TO ADD: My wife, son, and I just went out for lunch. Our round trip was less than 5 miles. I carried my G19, reload, and a knife. My wife had her EDC, reload and knife. FWIW.

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