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Not a criticism of the 5-shot.

More so those who shoot a 5-shot occasionally, stick it in their pocket, and consider themselves 'prepared'.
Smince, can we be a little less judgmental... You wrote that criticism in a reply to me. I carry an 5 shot sp101, which I have put many thousands of rounds through and shoot every range trip. I have used this gun in many of the training courses I have taken. Obviously this comment would not apply to me, regardless of your intent to make it so.

But, what of the Dentist, Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Librarian or other who doesn't have any interest in guns and has filled their lives with other activities and interests. They buy a gun for insurance and pay their premiums a few times a year practicing at the range. Are they less prepared for the world than Joe/Jane Commando carrying his/her 4 guns, 3 knives, brass knuckles and what ever else strikes his/her fancy? Should they be judged and degraded because they aren't capable of taking on a gang single handedly? Perhaps, being able to defend against a late night movie theater parking lot mugger is really the extent of their concern. These people are not inferior to you, smince. They merely value things differently then you do.

I, and I suspect you as well, (really) enjoy guns. How much of what we justify as necessity is really just furthering our enjoyment of a hobby?
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