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Not a moot point.

I too asked this same question. In the field its not an issue. But, when you're carrying concealed it is. Most pocket guns allow a very small amount of ammo. And, even though in most situations this amount is enough, it is comforting to know that you have a backup. You never know when your mag will malfunction even if you dont need extra ammo. I solve the problem by carrying on the inside of my weak side ankle with a holster that allows for an extra magazine. This allows me to access the weapon and spare mag from either side. When you're carrying concealed, you should always keep in mind that your clothing should go around the weapon rather than vice versa. Cargo pants are a good solution to this problem. It's pretty easy to get to a cargo pocket with either hand. If cargos are not an option, then think about the angle of the opening of your pocket. A lesser angle and shallower pocket makes grabbing the mag with your off hand less of an act of contortion. Or, if all else fails, carry an extra mag in each pocket. Then access with either hand really does become a moot point.
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