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Is there ANYONE on this forum that either directly participated in, or is credibly informed of any person "going down" as a direct result of a big toe or little finger shot?
No but I have a good one. I was teaching my father in law to shoot handguns and we finally left the 22 and moved up to the 45. First few magazines the beer can on the fence post was pretty safe, distance maybe 50' but probably a little less.

Suddenly the can takes off like a rocket straight up in the air a good 20' or better just guessing. When it finally landed he ran over and looked for the hole and was puzzled when he couldn't find one. I saw the dent on the top of the can, looked on the bottom and right near the edge of the can was the entrance hole. Checked out the fence post, old weathered and had dry rotted on the top. Bullet went in low about 10", was deflected up at a 90 degree angle through the middle of the post and into the can. Had enough energy to punch its way in but not enough to punch its way out so we got the flying beer can. He kept that can a long time till somebody threw it out. I love 45's, you never know what they are going to do next.
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