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Jim March wrote:


So, I carry a light weight .44 magnum, the S&W 329PD. I can mix the ammunition any which way I like ... usually the 1st round is a shot shell, the next two are Buffalo Bore Heavy .44 Special Hollow Points, followed by two .44 magnum Jacketed Soft Points and the 6th is a heavy Hard Cast Flat Nose load, such as 305 grain Buffalo Bore.

Ummm...have you tested that combination at the range? Because I strongly suspect you'll never be able to fire those heavy hardcasts at the end - the recoil in that ultra-light gun is likely to make them jump crimp and tie the gun up by then.
Jim that Hard Cast is the 6th round in the cylinder. I have never been able to last 3 rounds at the range with that cartridge. It really jerks my arm. I figure if I've gone through the previous 5 shots (none that cause any crimp jump) and still need to shoot I'm in a situation where pain from the recoil is the least of my troubles. By then, there are no more loaded rounds in the cylinder, so there can be no crimp jump. The only rounds I've had crimp jump on me are reloads I've done. I do not load my reloads into the 329PD for personal potection purposes for that reason. I use Speer, Buffalo Bore, and Remington when I want to rely upon the 329PD for personal defense purposes.

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