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Another .45 story....the big toe bull**** again.....

Shooting someone in the big toe with a .45 is no different than shooting them in the big toe with anything else.

I am sorry, but I have to laugh when I here these weird little .45 caliber stories. A few months back, I heard some blowhard in a coffee shop telling his young son that the marines carried the .45 in WW-2 because even if one of the bullets hit the enemy soldier in the little finger he was going to be knocked to the ground by the force of it.

Well, I kept quiet. I sipped my over priced coffee and did not say a thing about it. But I had to grin a little bit.

I want to see a box of these .45 wonder bullets.

I want to see the big toe and little finger scenarios and stats.

The .45 acp has it's merits and it has it's limitations like any other pistol cartridge. Downing suspects from toe and finger shots isnt among those merits.

Hell, I can remember .45 acp hard ball sticking in plywood back stops on a range. I can remember .45 acp hard ball in the junk yard glancing off of junk cars and side windows and windshields. But I can also remember that many criminal suspects and battelfield enemies have been shot dead with it as well.

Is there ANYONE on this forum that either directly participated in, or is credibly informed of any person "going down" as a direct result of a big toe or little finger shot?
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