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Yup! Any high temp grease or oil will do. If you have some anti seize that'll work, if it doesn't have those chunks of metal in it. Otherwise, very carefully melt some candle wax onto the locator pins and pivots. Take care to NOT let it get into the mold cavity, it will mess up your bullets until you get it out of there.

Best lube made for the locator pins and pivots on bullet molds is from the bull shop up in Alaska, it's called bull plate lube. It's a light blue oil that simply will not burn at casting temps. Here's the url for bull shop;

If you order from them, be patient. They have a 10 mile long driveway to their mail box. They only go to town once a week, maybe less now that it's winter.

Bullplate is $4.00 a bottle, about 4.0 ounces. Now that's not much, but you use very little.
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