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The G20 has such awful handling characteristics for me that I chose the 4" DA .357 Magnum as a woods sidearm. I have never yet needed one round, let alone sixteen. I am looking to "move up" to a six inch barrel for its greater sight radius though.

The revolver, being able to use down loaded .38 Special "squirrel rounds," as well as the curbstompers from the top of the ballistics tables, is a more versatile platform. Revolvers can be field braced against trees without seriously impairing their ability to fire follow up shots. They can be fired with precision from a single action mode. Revolvers can feature factory standard adjustable sights for different loads, they are easier to scope, and the grip is alterable without permanent modifications to the weapon too.

Revolvers of the requisite caliber are better suited to the role of woods gun than are autos. Autos excel in the self-defense role in the sticks, but they are readily outshone at hunting by a decent revolver.
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