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In the late 70's I was stationed in the Tidewater Virginia area. Lived in Portsmouth near the Navy Yard. The Navy paid the city for dusk to dawn patrol. Bad guys still entered several houses every payday and took your money out of your wallet and wifes' purse. They would be in the kitchen sans the cash.

I had a black lab that had a name change. We called him Killer when we lived there. You could also look into my home and see long guns on the wall in a rack. A couple of times a month the dog would wake me barking. I would just wait and see. No one ever came in. At the time we were told to not shoot until the BG was inside. And if you shot him and he fell out the window, go outside and shove him back in before you called LEO.

At that time I came to believe in that bad guys had figured out that guns and barking dogs were bad for business.
Use enough gun.
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