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I'd like to hear from people that have had an actual home invasion experience on this subject.
Not a home invasion but a B&E attempted robbery. We were moving out of a house. After the packers had packed everything we had planned on staying at a hotel but changed our minds. About 1130 that night someone forced the front door and knocked over some boxes. We were actually sleeping on the bottom level of a multi-floor town home. Most of the guns were of course already packed except for my Glock, which I always keep with me and an old Enfield rifle that the wife was going to show the FIL.

I gave the wife the rifle who stayed near the basement slider prepared to make a hasty exit if needed while I checked the front door to make sure that there were actually people there. This was pre-children, pre-dog days. The phone had been disconnected and we had no cell phones at the time either. Even though I had a round chambered I racked the slide while at the bottom of the stairwell. As soon as I did that there were hurried whispers and mulitple rapid footsteps heading outside.

We could never prove it but we figured the packers had come back to rob us, thinking we were at the hotel. When the found the house occupied they hauled but out of there. Spent the next day fixing the door before we moved out.

While a bolt action rifle was never my first choice the wife fell in love with it that night and used it for HD for the next ten years. She said having a big heavy rifle that she could use as a club if necessary would likely intimidate the bad guys and was pretty comforting to have around. She uses a compact .45 now but the Enfield is never far from the bed.
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