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Long Gun vs Handgun

I use to be in the multi-gun group. Then I got a chance to "play" with a Noveske N4 Shorty. I changed my mind. I sent off the ATF paperwork to convert an AR15 Pistol (RRA) to a SBR. I then installed a 10.5" barrel with a Gemtech Suppressor ( I already had the suppressor). I installed a 6 position Vltor Collapsible Butt Stock. I'm a one gun guy now! 223 at close range works well. I have a compact powerful, relatively quiet weapon that serves both purposes. Total costs ~$1900.00 that you can spend a bit at a time. Without the Suppressor ~$1000.00 (again Less than a good Ed Brown, Wilson, or Nighthawk). Just my choice. BTW, this shorty has a muzzle velocity of 2900 with military ball and shoots 1MOA at 100yds. I use a Trijicon RX30-14, no batteries, just look through it. Pick it up, flip the safety, point the dot. Just another option. Lastly, this has a very high cool factor.
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