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The public range I am a member of is a brand new, state of the art range. Ive been going as a guest for about 4 months, and I just bought a membership a few weeks ago. The employees and owner are very nice and pretty laid back, but still do a good job of watching inexperienced shooters and making sure the line and shooters are safe.

Its fees are simple.For a membership, a yearly fee of $250 for pistol and $300 for rifle and pistol. If your a guest, or a walk in, its $15 for the day. Not hour, day.

Ammo prices are pretty ridiculous. Box of 9mm is something like $28 and .45 is like $35. I cant believe ppl actually buy from them. But at the same time, they are one of 2 places in a rather big area to sell ammo so I guess your stuck. I always bring my own ammo as I live an hour from it and its much cheaper in my area.

They also have rental guns. Depending, pistol is something like $20, rifle $30, machine gun $50.

Oh, and you can shoot pistol, rifle, full auto, shotgun, anything up to .50cal and no birdshot.

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