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A few years ago I read that Massad Ayoob when sleeping keeps
a Beretta 9mm ready. He said sometimes it would be on a dresser
or on the floor next to the bed and usually a magazine or newspaper
would be laying over it for cover.

Ever since two home invasions have occurred very close to home (one about
10 houses down the block and the other much closer) I began to rethink
and rework my "HD plan".

I keep a Smith and Wesson 686 plus 3 inch revolver with me wherever
I may be at home (kitchen/livingroom/office).

I also keep a Colt detective special hidden but accessible in the main
bathroom. Aside from others in the safe, these are the firearms that
I am very proficient and confident with.

I am a firm believer that a long gun will not only be more effective for
dealing with a threat but the big barrel itself visually could be a deterrent. Therefore aside from the 686 there is a double barrel 20 gauge centrally
located behind a door with a light jacket hung over the barrels
against the wall.

The "get to safe room" if time permits or the "fall back and wait" plan
includes a mossberg 500 20 gauge youth camo turkey gun with 5 rounds
of buckshot in the magazine and six more in the side saddle. I've been
handling and shooting this gun for the last 10+ years but hope it will
just have to continue to be used for quail and rabbits.

I so appreciate everyone discussing their experiences / thoughts / plans
and as we mostly realize, the chances are small that our homes will be
invaded or robbed. But it does happen to folks each and every day. And I believe the occurrences are becoming more sudden and violent.
"It'll happen fast once I start" - Charlie Waite
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