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I need some information, I just acquired a Ruger No.1 in .357 magnum. It is a No.1 not a No.3.

On the left side of the reciever it has a small shield that says "California Highway Patrol", the right
is the words "LIMITED EDITION"

I found in my Ruger book "Ruger the man and his guns" on page 91 a small blurb about this gun being made
in 1981 and about 1820 units produced.

Can anyone tell me any more about this gun? It does not state anywhere on the gun the number in the
ie: gun 500 of 1820.

Well thanks for any help...

Also, the gun is in Mint Condition, not a blemish or ding anywhere... any idea of the value, my new blue
does not even list this California Highway Patrol limited edition.

Judge Blackhawk
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