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My mother-in-law found an old side by side 12 gauge shotgun under her uncle's bed after he passed away (92 years old at the time!). She described it on the telephone to me and asked if I wanted it. Sure I did. So on our next visit she gave it to me and said to do with it as I wished.

When I got home, I disassembled it carefully and found markings indicating it was made in 1878 by Baker Brothers. It has Damascus barrels and exposed hammers. There's no lever to break it open either. You have to push one of the triggers forward to break it and expose the breech.

Looks like some repair work was done on the stock at some time in the past, but, overall it's in pretty good condition. I've been warned, however, not to fire any modern shot shells in this gun because of the pressures and nature of the barrels.

Any history on this puppy? What's it worth? It's been cleaned and oiled and put in my safe. Any info you guys may have would be of great interest. Thanks.

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