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I have an old gun that was given to me some time ago. I've never been able to identify it. Perhaps some of the forumites could help me.

It's a 6 shot, double action revolver. The barrel is 4 3/8" (10.8 cm) long. On the topstrap is stamped M a 1915 (the 'a' is underlined) and the 1915 looks more like J9J5. The cylinder latch is forward of the cylinder on the upper portion of the crane. The ejector rod is un-shrouded and appears to be full length. The hammer is not bobbed, but is somewhat rounded.

On the left side of the frame, just above the cylinder latch, is stamped A*E (the star is five pointed). Below the cylinder, on the left side of the frame, is stamped 8 M/M.

There is a lever on the left rear portion of the frame, just below the hammer and above the grip panel which locks the hammer and cylinder when in the down position.

A three digit number, which I assume to be the serial number, is stamped on the right, forward side of the frame. There are no further markings on the gun that I can find.

The gun is in relatively good condition and shows signs of only normal wear and tear. Finish is 60-75% in tact. The grips are wood and seem to be original issue.

Any info as to what it is and what it may be worth would be deeply appreciated.



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