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The Browning Model 1903: Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre, Herstal-lez-Liege, 9mm Browning long; 205mm over all, 128mm barrel, 980gm seven round mag. This was an improved form of the Model 1900, chambering a more powerful cartridge in an attempt to interest the military.

This model is sometimes listed as the Browning #1, No 1 being retrospectively applied to the Model 1899. The advent of more FN-Brownings soon forced the abanonment of this system, whereupon a variation of it was applied to indicate caliber. The No1 came to signify 6.35mm, while No 2 guns were all chembered for the 7.65mm Auto ctg. No 3 rarely encountered, was reserved for 9mm short. Excepting in Spain, where the differentiation presisted into the 1920's. This system had been abandoned by the begining of WWI.

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