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James K
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I have seen the photo, also. The pistol is the Model 1900. The Model 1903 Browning (not to be confused with the 1903 Colt Model M) was not made in such large numbers, but was adopted by Sweden (and I think some other countries) as a service pistol. Thousands of the Swedish pistol, made by Husqvarna, were imported years ago and some more have been brought in recently. Most of these were converted (by jugging the chamber and cutting down the recoil spring) to .380 ACP. I have seen only a few, Belgian made, in the original 9mm Browning Long caliber. The Swede models also have a front sight modification; the rear of the half-moon sight is cut to give a better sight picture. This was done by the Swedes and is correct for the Swedish guns.

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