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Auto 5 Part Search

The ejector on my Browning Auto 5 16 gauge broke. The ejector is the pre-pre-WWII style that looks like a canoe paddle with two prongs at the wide end with individual ramps that taper down to about the middle of the ejector. At the opposite end of the part is a lug/pin/post that is 180 degrees opposite of the two prongs.

Any suggestions on where to search for a replacement?

Browning Auto 5 16 gauge - Serial number X-3064
The barrel has the short barrel extension with the elongated slot hole for the lug/pin/post to slide. The barrel is stamped "2 3/4 inch shells", but the barrel extension is clearly an older model. The ejection port is the shorter 2 and 9/16, but the face of the bolt is recessed enough for the modern shell to eject cleanly.

I've contacted:

Browning Customer Service
Art's Gun Shop
Jack First Gun Shop
Midwest Gun Parts

Thanks for any help.
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