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Hi Harley,

Great work you do here. Thanks. I have a question for you, or whoever chooses to answer. I recently acquired an old colt and know nothing about it.

It is a very small .25 auto, SA only with walnut grips. On the left side: The horse and "COLT'S PT.F A. MFG. CO. HARTFORD, CT. U.S.A.". On the right side: The horse and "COLT AUTOMATIC CALIBER .25".

S/N OD 460xx (why do people put X's?)

The barrel is a twist out, and it uses a 7 rd magazine. The safety is on the left side and also acts as the slide catch. The mag release is on the left side grip and there is one screw each to fasten grips.

I've been told it's a "vest pocket" or a "pocket pal".

Any info would be appreciated. Especially date of manufacture, since I really like old stuff.

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