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OneOunce is right, there is money to be saved using clone components - in wads ( like claybuster, etc ) ...and reclaimed shot especially ...and in primers too. Rem primers for me right now are about $ 35 / 1,000 where Chedite, etc are $ 28 / 1,000 .....and I think the Chedites are fine.

The problem I have with the reclaimed shot my club has its over graphited it actually plugs up a charge bar on loaders as they cycle. I suppose you could "decant" it if you will .... dump it out, wash it, or run it over a screen ...and clean it ...

but at my club reclaimed is $ 6 a bag less / and that only equates to about $ 0.25 - $ 0.30 a box and I'm not cleaning shot for $ 0.30 a box ....

If I had access to good re-claimed shot like OneOunce does - I'd use it too - especially for practice. For weekend shoots / I prefer a premium reload. For bigger shoots - state tournaments, etc - I shoot new factory Rem STS ammo ( and save the hulls of course ).
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