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Here in California I have read that putting ones hand on a firearm and generating fear in another can lead to a felony. For what it is worth, I find greater comfort in being able to put my hand in my pocket and grip a handgun than worry about not being able to very quickly, or easily reach the handgun with my weak hand.

Yes I can get to the handgun with the weakside hand (even if I have to take off the pants). It just is not quick.

I've thought about it and given more value to having my hand on a gun under some circumstances, without stirring up notice of same.

Do I care ? Hmmmm yes and no. It would ne nice to have a J frame in each pocket, but sometimes I am compelled to simply accept the givens. In any event, here in California one is limited to three handguns for carry. However I figure there seems to be no 'Perfect' method, all seem to have advantages and disadvantages. It seems one is free to focus on the advantages, or the disadvantages, of each method. Then pick the method one is most comfortable with and practice, practice, practice. Be safe out there.

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