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Reloading specs ....

Sure Dre, go to Hodgdon's site:

for 12ga, my preference is:

Hodgdon Clays powder
Rem STS or Rem Nitro hulls only
Rem 209P primer ( or WIN 209 ) ( don't mix primers ...)
WAA12SL for 1 oz ( or Green Duster )

on the low end there are recipes for 1125 fps ( with 15.7gr of powder ) up to about 1290 fps ( at 19.8gr of powder )...

get a good paper back reloading manual - Hodgdon and others sell them. It'll talk about the procedures, etc - or you can go to MEC - and look at the MEC manuals on a Grabber or 9000GN as an example - they have PDF files for manuals on their site.
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