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The Lee Load-All is a fantastic press. I bought one a few months ago and started reloading in the beginning of December, and I love it. As an amateur reloader myself, I can say that it is very easy for beginners and its just overall very simple. My friend has one also and it still works good as new, and its gotta be over 5 yrs old.

I was in the same position as you Dre. I rarely hunt, but I do shoot clays once to twice a week in the spring-fall. I usually go through about a case every clay session, as my friends buy shells off me. Going through almost 1,000 shells every 2 weeks, it was worth it for me to reload.

So I bought the Load-All and wads (1k for about 80$). And thats all I could get. Primers, shot, and powder were all wayyy too expensive locally so I had to wait and search on the net to find good deals. I have about 3,000 Gun Club hulls, which can be reloaded up to about 4 or 5 times, so I dont need to buy hulls and either do you unless you wanna spend extra money.

After everything bought was bought, I can now make 5,000 shells (or 200 cases) of 7/8oz 12ga for about $3.25 a box of 25. I was buying a case for about $70, which came down to $7 a box so Im saving over 50% a box.

The only pain in the butt is finding primers, shot, and powder for not super expensive. When I found them at a reasonable price, I stocked up.

For me, reloading shells is worth it.
But the real question for you is it worth it?

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