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Before I had the luxury of my own shop in the basement / heated and dry ...

For many years - I used a MEC Grabber - and bolted the press to a 2" X 18" plank. I would store the loader on a shelf / cover it with a big pillow case. When I wanted to reload for an afternoon - I clamped the press to a "workmate" workbench / but you could do the same with saw horses. Filled the bottles for shot and powder / got all my components ready --- and loaded 6 or 8 cases in a day. Boxed everything up / stored my shells - emptied the loaders bottles - and put it back on the shelf for the next time.

So it can be done in a garage, an apt, a condo ....whatever.

I've used single stage loaders / especially for metallic ....but I'm never going back there ....when it took 20 min or more to get one box of shells...

Even though my kids are grown / and I like reloading ... I'm a lot happier if I can do it in an hour vs 4 or 5 hours ...and the difference in cost for the progressive loaders vs single stage just isn't that much ( a few hundred bucks over 10 years really is petty cash )....

But a good used machine / especially from someone that has taken good care of it is a great buy. The problem is you have to know when a machine is junk / when its a good buy ..
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