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Dre - I started on a Lee Load-All WAAAAAAY back when....late 70's or so. It was just OK if I was talking about loading up a box or two of a hunting load. But as I started to do more target shooting, it quickly fell by the wayside. I went to MEC Jr.s, eventually the 9000 that BigJim mentioned. I understand the NEW 9000's have the primer feed lamp-chain issue resolved. Used to be, like a Jaguar, when the MEC ran well, it ran really well....BUT if one little thing went OOPS, you spent a half hour cleaning up the mess and getting it back to running. Most of those issues had to deal with the primer feed mechanism.

A Jr., while slow, lets you get a real good feel for how the whole operation goes. You CAN get conversion kits ( a bit of a pain to change, but doable). Used Jr.s have been found on Craig's List, ebay, and at garage sales for under $50.

The machine, like the gun, is the least expensive part of the equation - the components are where the cost is - and unless you're buying in bulk, either by yourself or going in on orders with a group, it can get as expensive as buying cheap wally world ammo.

Buy powder by the 8# jugs, primers by at least the sleeve of 5,000 or better in lots of 25,000, wads by the case of 5,000 and shot by the hundredweight if not by the ton. For basic practice, reclaimed shot will be the cheapest best. You can get 2 8# jugs and 25,000 primers shipped for one hazmat fee.
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