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Right now, around here, primers from NobelSport are running $115/sleeve of 5000

BPI is/was selling Fiocci primers for $25/K, and that's the best deal by far that I've been able to find. Most places sell the Win/Rem/Fed/CCI 209 primers for $35/K and up, with many places hovering around $45/K. I tend to buy in 5K to 10K lots, to amortize the $22.50 hazmat fee as broadly as I can and still fit within my budget.

If I had to pick one machine to start with - it would be the MEC Grabber.
I am certainly no expert, but I'm not sure that I'd start with a progressive. The 600 Jr is a great press, and I have no quarrel with mine. Certainly, using a single-stage will help ensure that the correct steps are executed in the correct order, in a repeatable fashion.

Yes, I've checked Lee Load-All and I thought it is a good beginner reloader...
I have one, and frankly it's just not substantive enough for steady use. The MEC 600 Jr. is a far better press, and you can usually find used ones for sale for $50-$75.
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