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Harley, DC suggested that I post this over here,

Hi guys, I need some help for a lady over on one of the collecting boards, she posted the following:

"My father brought home a handgun when he returned from overseas after WWII. The firing pin has been removed, the only way it could be transported back to the States. My mother says it is German, however I have showed it to a few gun dealers who cannot identify it. The barrel is 7 sided; on the right side of the barrel there appears to be an R with a crown over it. On the bottom of the barrel there are some numbers 9706.13. Just below the cylinder(where the bullets go) is what looks like two crossed flags or flowers. As I said it was my father's and I have no idea what it is. It has been in a leather holster with the letters US stamped on the side.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Here are some photos:

<a href="">Please Click Here to see one side</a>

<a href="">Please Click Here to see the other side</a>

Any help for the lady would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

John - NRA - Lifer

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